Referee Rules, Regulations & Resources

All referees must comply with the BC Soccer regulations relating to referees and the code of ethics – BC Soccer Referee Rules and Regulations.

The above BC Soccer Referee Rules and Regulations comply with the Canadian Soccer Association’s “Regulations for the Registration and Control of Referees”.

Continuing Education and Referee Resources

Referee Education and fitness training are key areas that referees can improve their performance. It is recommended that referees attend educational sessions with their local Head Referee, BC Soccer Candidates Programming, BCSRA or local Referee Association meetings. Below you will find both fitness training resource materials and also Laws of the Game from the FIFA website.

Candidates Program

BC Soccer introduced the Referee Candidates Program in the fall of 2007, under the leadership of the BC Soccer Referee Development Coordinator, Jose Branco.  This program is designed to provide aspiring referees from across the province the ability to hone their referee skills through on and off field training and education sessions on a weekly base using FIFA Futuro III material.

The primary goal of this program is to provide this group of officials a progressive positive educational referee specific environment where they can work together to climb the Provincial Referee ladder in hopes to obtain National and FIFA Referee status. The hope is that some of the officials from the program will continue to be involved with the Referee Program as a Referee Instructor, Referee Assessor, Club Head Referees or Mentors.

Currently there are 60 members in the BC Soccer Referee Candidates Program who meet on a weekly basis, 12 months a year. Every week referees will participate in a 45-60 minute referee specific fitness session followed by an educational session.

Some of the educational sessions within the program include:
• Fitness Training Education ( Speed, Speed Endurance, High Intensity, Recovery, and Nutrition)
• Use of Heart Rate and FIFA Macro Cycle
• Psychological Preparation
• Practical on-field Positioning
• In class match analysis

Some of the activities involved with the program are:
• Youth club / district mentoring
• BC Provincial Championships
• National/BC Provincial Teams Training Centre development matches
• University and PacWest Provincial Championships and League play
• Dallas Cup (International Youth Tournament)

Candidates Program Centers

Location: Burnaby
Field: Burnaby Lake Turf
Regular training days: Tuesday & Thursday
Start time: 6:00PM
Lead Instructor: Jose Branco
Fitness Instructor: Jose Branco

Location: Langley
Field: Willoughby Lower Turf
Regular training day(s): Thursday
Start time: 6:00PM
Lead Instructor: Jose Branco
Fitness Instructor: Rubin Smilev

Location: Victoria
Field: Tyndall Park All-weather
Regular training day(s): Wednesday
Start time: 7:15PM
Lead Instructor: Tiberio de Frias
Fitness Instructor: Mark McNally-Dawes

Location: Kelowna
Field: KSS Field and Portable
Regular training day(s): Wednesday
Start time: 5:00pm
Lead Instructor: Arnar Bernhardsson
Fitness Instructor: Arnar Bernhardsson

Fitness Program and Resources

In the area of Fitness training for Referees both the CSA and BC Soccer have trained Referee Fitness Instructors. These instructors have been trained by FIFA and use FIFA and UEFA Fitness material that has been produced by FIFA Lead Fitness Instructor DR. Werner Helsen.

Referee Fitness Test Protocol

Fitness Training Advice – Do’s & Don’ts

Hydration Tips

Current Macro Cycle

Amendments to the Laws of the Game - Offside

7 Steps Of Wall Management

Referee Considerations For Fouls

BC Soccer Air Quality Guidelines

For Canada Soccer policies regarding lightning, casts, and insulin pumps please visit the BC Soccer Bylaws, Rules Reguatlions and Policies Page