Player Evaluation Form

Coaches, as part of the ongoing process of developing players, your assessment of the players on your team is a crucial piece of information: At the younger levels, U6-U9, it assists the coordinators when it comes time to form teams next season… At U10 through U18, this information is an additional tool for the evaluators during tryouts, and like the younger levels, also comes into play in player placement.

Please take a few moments to complete this assesment form. We are looking for honest assements. The information you submit is confidential. It will be seen by the club manager and is only used by the level coordinators and technical directors in the aforementioned manner.

Clicking on submit will send an email to our club manager. The club manager will relay your email to the appropriate coordinator. The results will be kept confidential.

Please email Wayne McCarthy if you have questions about this form, or if your computer doesn’t allow you to send this form.

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  • Step 1 - Please provide information about the team being evaluated.