CRC Fact Sheet – 2020/21

Who needs a Criminal Record Check (CRC?)

All staff and volunteers who are: 

    • over the age of 19
    • has contact with with minors more than once a month
      • This includes parents who are helping out part time – if they cross this threshold they need to be registered as an Assistant Coach, Manager or other position.
      • This applies to everyone including teachers, police, military etc, no exceptions.

How long is my CRC good for? 

NWSC follows the BC Soccer standard of three years.

I’m a returning volunteer with a CRC on file with the club, has it expired?  

If you were cleared for 2019/20 you’re cleared to start training in 2020/21.

  • We’re doing a reconciliation once we have everyone loaded in the registration system, during which everyone with CRCs expiring in the 2020/21 season will be contacted with directions.

How do I do my CRC?

  • Go to the eCRC Website:
    • NWSC Access Code : S9EL3JRXEX
    • Select Request a New Criminal Record  Check
    • Follow the instructions.
  • If it goes through with no errors, you’re done!  The report will be sent directly to NWSC and we’ll update our records with your new CRC date.

I recently did a CRC for another organization, can I use it with NWSC?

Yes, but please be aware that it will expire three years from the initial submission, not from when NWSC gets a copy

  • For example, if you share a CRC that was initially submitted in 2019, it is only good for two years
  • Go to the eCRC Website:
    • NWSC Access Code : S9EL3JRXEX
    • Select
    • Follow the instructions.

I got a message saying “The system could not complete your request to do a criminal record check online,” what do I do?

If you get this message:

  • This must to be done in person to verify your identity
  • We cannot accept emailed forms
  • If the form is signed by anyone other than the Risk Manager, the eCRC program will reject it and you will have to start over again

I need to go to the police station for additional screening but there is a fee, do I have to pay?Who needs a Criminal Record Check (CRC?)

NWSC will reimburse this fee, please contact before you go in for instructions.

Click here for the code


The Access Code is for use by NWSC Volunteers & Staff only. Use For Other Purposes Will Result In Charges To The User! Please email with an attached screen shot or full details letting them know the date you submitted your request and any tracking/record number provided, or if you have any questions, concerns, or problems using the system. Additional information about the CRRP is available on their website.