As our community, province, country and the world faces the current health crisis, our club wants to ensure that we are taking all measures to support containment of the virus as well as promoting healthy actions.

As such, we are suspending all programming until further notice.

Overall, within our club and community, please observe the following as advised by public health and infection control:

a. If you have any respiratory illness symptoms or have had confirmed contact with a suspected case or contact of a case, please let your family and health care provider know and be mindful of close social contact.

b. Please be rigorous about hand washing.

We encourage everyone to stay in conversation and support. These may feel like trying times, and, as a community, we encourage each of our members to be supportive, caring and brave. We are stronger together and we will weather this storm.

On behalf of NWSC, we wish you well. Take care.

Geoff Ayi-Bonte
President of New Westminster Soccer Club