Frequently Asked Questions

What age can play soccer?

Children who are turning 3 in this calendar year. They register as U4. U means Under.

When does the Fall season start?

Most teams generally start play the first or second week of September.(Subject to changes)

How long is the season?

The season usually ends for U4 – U8 the second week in March.

Older teams may play longer depending on their success. There is a Christmas break mid-December and restarts the week after the holidays.

What equipment do I need?

Your child will need soccer cleats, shin guards and a water bottle. Jerseys, shorts, and socks are provided by the Club. Goalkeepers typically provide their own gear at the divisional level (U13 and older) however the Club will provide Goalkeeper gear for U8 through U12. (Subject to changes)

When do we play?

U4 and U5 will have sessions on Saturday mornings.  For more info, check out the descriptions under the Programs tab – Inspire Program.

U6-U8 – Boys practice Monday and/or Wednesday, U9-U18 will practice both Monday and Wednesday’s.

U6-U8 Girls practice on Tuesday and/or Thursday,  U9-U18 will practice both Tuesday and Thursday’s.

Boys in U6 and above play games on Saturdays, Girls in U6 and above play games on Sundays.

U8 and above will play out of club teams for game play

When do we have to travel?

Playing against other Clubs starts at U8. This means 1 week you are at HOME at a field in New Westminster and the next week you may be scheduled against another Club on their home field. Of course all schedules are subject to changes and can be updated at any time.

Do we play in the rain?

Yes we do! The only time you may not play is if your field has been closed.

Do we play in Tournaments?

Teams may play in tournaments if they choose to, however the club will not reimburse the fees for those tournament. Teams are welcome to fundraise for them or pay out of pocket. If you are looking for tournamnents please have a look at BC Soccer Website for the list

Can I register even though the season has started?

Yes you can, although this will be subject to late fees and you may be placed on a waitlist

What does my registration fee pay for?

Fees cover registration with BC Soccer and our Districts, Player Insurance, Team and Individual photos, referee fees,  practice and game fields, and lights for fields as well as other miscellaneous Club expenses.

Please note that ages U11-U18 each level may have different fee requirements. All ages will have a base fee and then additional fees for extra technical support/other items. Additional fees vary depending one age and level

Why don’t we automatically get a coach when we pay our registration fee for our child?

Coaches come from volunteers, such as you the parents, and it takes a while to organize coaches for the season. We are always looking for volunteers throughout the season, if you are interested please email our club manager .

What if I want a refund?

Refunds are available up until October 15th but are subject to conditions and an administration fee. After October 15th there are no refunds. Contact to request a refund.

How do I pay for the season?

After you have registered  you will be prompted to pay

What if I have other questions not listed?

Please contact your age level coordinator with any questions or feedback and they will get back to you quickly. All of their contact information is on the executives page.