Field Information

Practice Fields

New Westminster Soccer Club has a limited amount of lit practice fields. All teams are given a time and venue to practice. Boys practice Mondays and Wednesdays, Girls practice Tuesday and Thursdays. Coaches must adhere to their allocated practice slots. There will be zero tolerance for encroaching on other practice times. It is recommended you rotate your practice spot each night, e.g. all teams move from north to south each practice so everyone has opportunity to work with a goal, Coaches working together will eliminate potential problems. For grass practice venues it is recommended that you do NOT practice in the same spot each week. Please move your practice around so that the field does not develop worn spots. If there are goalposts, please move them away from the goalmouth for your practice. These small measures will ensure our fields stay in the best condition possible for the soccer season. Field changes/issues should be communicated to your coordinators who will resolve them with the Club Manager

Field Lighting

Field lights are activated by the user groups. Groups will activate the turning on and off of the field lights by a PIN pad at each field. Each user group will be issued their own 5-digit PIN number that is attached only to their group.  This number will only work on fields where the Club is booked by the field scheduler through our Parks and Recreation office. Unless NWSC is booked on the field at that day and time, you cannot activate the lights! Please ask your age group coordinator if you do not have the code.

PIN Pad locations:

  1. MERCER OVAL – on the outside of the electrical utilities box at south end of the stands.
  2. SAPPERTON Park – outside the washroom between the men’s & ladies washroom doors
  3. QUEEN’S PARK STADIUM – outside wall beside the door into the 3rd base dressing room.
  4. MOODY PARK#1 Ball Diamond – on the wall of the scorekeepers building at the main entrance
  5. QUEEN’S EAST TURF – right side of main stairs on the control box.

Field Closures

During times of poor weather, the city will close fields to users and post this information on the New Westminster Parks & Recreation Website. Please note that you will be notified if your field is closed and you cannot play.

There may be times when a field is open but not playable due to pooling water etc, this decision would be a game time decision made by the Referee if deemed unsafe for play.

Grass Field Maintenance Required by Teams

Teams using grass fields can also help maintain them by replacing divots at the end of each practice or game, and by keeping parents off the fields.

It is important for teams to note:

  1. First team of the day to set up the field: nets, cones, visual check for field safety
  2. Last team of the day to put equipment away, Very Important!

Field Lining

The first team of the weekend is responsible for lining the grass fields if it needs fresh lining. Please assign parents to take on this task. All lining equipment is in the NWSC lockbox with the game equipment. The City burns the lines on the field at the beginning of the season to be used as a guideline.

Field Lockboxes

Our Equipment Manager maintains all the field lockboxes, if you notice something is missing or needs fixing please email ASAP to

Artificial Turf Use Regulations

NWSC asks that all Players, Coaches, and Parents adhere to the following rules set forth by New Westminster Parks & Recreation when using the turf field.

The Mercer Oval Synthetic Turf Field & Queens East are specialized field sport facilities designed specifically for the needs of community sport organizations. As compared to traditional grass turf fields, the use, care and maintenance of this new field require a different approach to ensure user safety and optimal field performance.

It is critical that all community sport teams and organizations inform their respective members of the conditions of use for the synthetic turf field as outlined below. Failure to comply with the specified conditions of use will negatively impact the condition of the field for all users and may result in loss of the organization’s field use privileges.

Conditions of Use:

  1. Footwear
    Soccer shoes, multi-cleats, turf shoes and running shoes are all effective on synthetic turf fields. Metal cleats and spikes, and shoes with plastic cleats longer than ¾” are not permitted. Track users with spiked track shoes should avoid walking/running on the field. Please clean footwear using the designated shoe brush stations prior to entering the field.
  2. Food and Beverages
    Only water in plastic containers is permitted on the field. Teams using water jugs and cups are requested to use paper cups only. No other beverages or food (especially sunflower seeds, gum or tobacco products) are permitted on the field at any time.
  3. Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted on the field or track. Please set an example for our youth.
  4. Pets
    Dogs and other pets are not permitted on the field under any circumstances.
  5. Vehicles and Bicycles
    Only authorized service vehicles equipped with turf tires are permitted on the field. Emergency vehicles (i.e. ambulances) should be encouraged not to drive on the field. When it is absolutely necessary to drive on the field, emergency vehicles must use care when stopping, starting and turning (wide turns only). Bicycles are not permitted on the field.
  6. Field Inspection and Clean-up
    Each organization is responsible for conducting a preliminary field check for any obvious hazards or unsafe conditions prior to use. At the end of each session, users are requested to remove all refuse from the field and dispose in garbage cans.
  7. Spectators
    In order to avoid unnecessary wear and tear on the field sidelines, only players, coaches and officials should be on the field. Spectators are requested to view games and practices from the stadium grandstand.
  8. Field Markings
    All required games lines have been permanently installed in the field. No other line markings (temporary or permanent) are to be applied without prior authorization by the Parks & Recreation Department.
  9. Sport Goals
    All sport goals must be suitable for use on synthetic turf and not have any sharp edges or corners. Goals for football, soccer and field lacrosse are supplied by the Parks & Recreation Department. It is the user’s responsibility to properly secure/store goals at the end of each field use session.
  10. Furnishings
    The use of tables, chairs and tents on the field should be avoided. When it is necessary to place such furniture or other objects with point loads, the field should be protected from possible puncture by covering the turf with plywood or other load disbursing materials.
  11. Sport Shoe Information
    Sport shoe technology is constantly being updated and the interaction between turf (natural and synthetic) and footwear is complex. However, some general principles should be considered when selecting footwear for use on synthetic turf. To reduce the risk of injury due to foot lock, avoid using shoes with long cleats (11 mm or longer) or shoes with dense cleats. Footwear with flat soles (no cleats) is adequate only under dry conditions. For wet or dry conditions, the best footwear is cleats with low profile studs (5 mm to 8 mm). Under no circumstances are shoes with metal cleats shoes appropriate for use on synthetic turf fields.
  12. Reporting Problems
    If teams from outside NWSC are using the field during your allotted time, NWSC endorses you requesting the group to leave the field. Please report any serious concerns to the Club Manager who can relay the message to the city.
    Should field conditions ever be deemed to be unsafe for sport use, it is the field user’s responsibility to cease using the field and report the problem as soon as it is practical to the Club Manager. Notice a problem evenings or weekends? Call Canada Games Pool (CGP) 604.526.4281 or #911 if it is a serious offence.