Soccer for Life (Adults)

NWSC’s Soccer for Life Program (Adults, 18 years and older) allows adults to continue playing the beautiful game in their local community.  Our program continues to grow and for Winter 2022/2023 we are running the following teams:


Division 2 (MWSL) – NWSC Blackout

Division 3 (MWSL) – NWSC Hyacks

Division 4 (MWSL) – NWSC United



Division 3 Open (VMSL) – NWSC A

Division 4 Open (VMSL)

Division 2 Over 35’s (VMSL) – NWSC M-A

Over 40’s (BMSL) – NWSC

Division 3 (BMSL) Winter

Division 2 Over 45’s (VMSL) – NWSC M-B

For further information, please contact

Registration is mandatory. No unregistered players will be allowed to participate. Anyone wishing to make special arrangements can contact the Registrar or Club Manager. Technical Directors and/or coaches will NOT accept registration at the field, nor will they collect any registration fees.