Registration Information

The success of New Westminster Soccer Club has resulted in greater registration numbers and a need for the club to organize and form teams earlier. In light of this, we encourage you to register as soon as registration is open for the fall season.

Registration for the NWSC 2020-2021 fall soccer season opens on April 1st.  All registration will be handled by SpAppz, a rapidly growing local company that can handle combined debit/credit cards!

The deadline for early bird discounted registration and payment of fees is July 14. Payments and registration processed on July 15 or later will be charged the full rate with no discounts.

Players registered after June 1 are not guaranteed placement on a team.

Early Registration
(ends May 31st)
Regular Registration
(on / after June 1st)
U82013$195 (before 7/15/2020)$220$25
U92012$235 (before 7/15/2020)$255$20
U102011$235 (before 7/15/2020)$255$20
U112010$245 (before 7/15/2020)$295$50
U122009$245 (before 7/15/2020)$295$50
U132008$265 (before 7/15/2020)$315$50
U142007$265 (before 7/15/2020)$315$50
U152006$275 (before 7/15/2020)$325$50
U162005$275 (before 7/15/2020)$325$50
U172004$285 (before 7/15/2020)$335$50
U182003$285 (before 7/15/2020)$335$50

Family Discounts

Families registering more than 2 YOUTH players (under 18 years old) will receive a $100 discount for registration of all subsequent YOUTH players (under 18 years old) registered after YOUTH player 1 and YOUTH player 2.  Discount does not apply to Adult registrations.

Soccer Kits (Uniforms)

  • All players will be issued a soccer kit consisting of socks, shorts and jersey.
  • A deposit is to be provided to the team official (Coach or Manager) at the time of receipt of the soccer kit in the amount of:
    • $100 for U5-U18
    • The uniform deposit will be returned at the end of the season when the player returns their shorts and jersey(s) – players keep their soccer socks.


  • A full refund will be provided if your child is not placed on a team.
  • A full refund (less a $25 administration fee) will be provided if you withdraw your child prior to August 31
  • A 50% refund will be provided if you withdraw your child from September 1 — September 30.
  • Refunds after September 30 are at the discretion of the NWSC Executive.